The valley Poljanska the river Kolpa where the village Prelesje and are located in the immediate vicinity of the river, the farm Madronič family, offers the chance to relax .
In the moving scenery , the cultural landscape and cultural heritage for the variation. The light Mediterranean-inspired climate and vegetation, as well as the sound of the river Kolpa , simply inspire the mind and body.
Once you have your walk lust with discovering , either on foot or by bike, from all corners of the valley Poljanska , breastfed and the flow of the river Kolpa have given or have relaxed on its banks , we would like to have the trips by recommend the wine rich Bela Krajina and the neighboring region Kočevska . You can download the mountains Mirna gora , Gorjanci and Kočevski rog climb , visit the land of Peter Klepec or even in neighboring Croatia, Gorski Kotar region , from which springs the river Kolpa , Zeleni vir acquainted with the gorge Vražji Prolaz and last but not least the place Ogulin visit there and the mountain of the witches – climb Klek.

So, some interesting trips and leisure facilities in the surrounding area:

Zeleni vir and Vražji prolaz trips

Green source and the Devil prolaz – 36 km – the valley of Kolpa river, through the border crossing Petrina (45 minutes drive).

    Izvir Kolpe in dežela Petra Klepca trips

    The source of the Kolpa river and the land of Peter Klepec – 45 km – the valley of Kolpa river to Osilnice (50 minutes drive), through the border crossing at the source of the Kupa (on foot or by car to the entrance of the national park Risnjak).

      Footpath Kozice (742 m.n.v.) footpath

      The trek to the top of Kozice (746 meters above sea level) rewarded them with one of the most beautiful views of the valley of Kupa. You can choose between a hike or a bike ride. The nearest marked trail starts in the village of Dol (1 km), the second route begins in Laze (5 km) and the third at the church in Predgrad (4 km). The starting point at the church in Predrag can be reached by car.
      Foto: Vinko Kukman

        The most southern Slovenian footpath footpath

        The most southern Slovenian footpath leads along the Kolpa river from the settlement Dolenji Radenci, (5 km above Sodevci – 10 minutes by car) to the settlement Damelj. The route takes you past the abandoned mills and sawmills, to the input of the longest cave Bela Kobiljača and the southernmost point of Slovenia.

          Footpath Trška pešpot footpath

          The trail meanders along the former path that led from the valley of Kolpa to Stari trg (375 m asl). From us to the first mark within walking distance are (feces-1km), it follows the rise to Stari trg and from there on the other side there is the descent to the river Kupa Sodevci and up to Prelesje.
          Foto: Stari trg ob Kolpi, Interaktivni atlas Slovenije, Založba Mladinska knjiga, 1998.

            The Archaeological Trail Spaha footpath

            The Archaeological Trail Spaha (Brezovica – 10 km, 15 minutes by car) – visit the archaeological site and you will discover life 6500 years ago. Embark on the 3.5 km long road from Videm pri Brezovici. The route takes you past an abandoned mining village Prerigelj up to the peak of Spaha (834 m asl).

              Sodevska stena and Sodevski kal lookout point

              On the footpath up Sodevska Stena (362 m asl) making their way from Sodevci from (2 km – 25 minutes walk) or select the marked path. One of the starting points located on the road Stari trg – Vinica. This path leads past Sodovski kal on the Sodovsko steno and Sodevci.

                Bike trial near Kolpa river bike trail

                Enkraten izlet s številnimi možnostmi za kopanje!

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